Perfume spill the tea on their new single "Spending all my time"

Perfume's new single "Spending all my time" | News

Fresh off of Perfume's presenting gig at the MTV 2012 VMAJ and having won 2 awards for Best dance video and Best choreography, a press release went out on Perfume's new single release before bitches even made it to the limo to hit the after party. Perfume's next single will be "Spending all my time", releasing on August 15th, with "Point" and "Hurly burly" acting as B-sides.

  1. Spending all my time
  2. Point
  3. Hurly Burly
  4. Spending all my time (Instrumental)
  5. Point (Instrumental) 
  6. Hurly Burly (Instrumental)

There's no word on whether "Hurly burly" or "Point" will also have music videos shot. One hopes. Because I could do with watching my robohoes step it out to "Hurly burly". Perfume have yet to deliver a weak visual since "One room disco". So it goes without saying that the girls will look on point and gives us everything. It's just a matter of how hot "Spending all my time" is going to be, as at the time of writing it's the only one of the 3 songs on the release we've yet to hear anything of. I'm sure a Kirin commercial will drop any day now which features it though.


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