Superfly to bring the Force in September

Superfly's 4th studio album 'Force' | Album news

With a hugely successful tour which topped DVD charts, being a part of 'Japan united with music' and featuring on a song which will be used as the theme for Fuji television's broadcasts of the 2012 Olympics, Superfly have announced their 4th studio album well ahead of time. May as well capitalize on their run of successes and git dat money whilst the printing machine is in full roll.

Force will release in September, supported by a national tour which will make its way around Japan well into 2013. Force marks the 5th anniversary of the band and will release in several formats for the milestone achievement. Fans will be able to pick up the album in vinyl form, a 2 disc edition and a limited edition version of the album which will only be made available through Lawson convenience stores. This is tame in comparison to Ayumi Hamasaki who releases albums on USB keys, play buttons and drops special editions of albums which come with glasses, coasters, books, a free wig and some contact lenses. But for Sony to actually put this money behind Superfly for a 5th anniversary is a big deal. Because Sony Japan are tight as f**k. Superfly hitting number 1 on the ORICON weekly with every album they've released so far may have something to do with Sony giving a rats arse.

I loved Mind travel, so I'm really looking forward to this. Shiho's new hair do is looking tasty too. I was getting kinda sick of her long hair. It made her look like a tramp.


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