A teaser of Girls' generation's "Paparazzi"

Can somebody please tell me what the point in TaeTiSoRubbish's anthem for teen vagina "Twinkle" was? Not that SM have any form of logic or rationale behind their artist pimping which goes beyond let's just oversaturate and overwork bitches until they meltdown or die.

Girls' generation will once again be doing their thang in Japan, seeing as it went so well the first time around (Me being serious. No shade). SM know full well that Japan is where they can pimp their acts and stack that paper that the Korean releases can't. I liked Girls' generation's Japanese debut. The new material was utterly indistinct, but I liked the sound and the consistency of the quality. So I have to say...I'm kinda looking forward to this.

I see a recycled "Twinkle" set. I also see Sunny still looks like she has a terminal disease, Jessica still thinks she runs this mutha, Tiffany stays looking like she got sprayed in the face with pesticide and Sooyoung's legs still look like iPod USB charger cables.

Album review: Girls' generation's Japanese debut


  1. I'm excited for this shit! SNSD do their best dancing in Japan these days and the sparse performances ensure that nobody will be lagging too far behind the rest. I am interested to find out why a few members don't even look like they're promoting the same song everyone else is in the promos. Also, TTS ended their "Twinkle" promos this past weekend. I think it woulda been cool to have three ending performances, each with an intro dance introduce the next 3-member subgroup. Sooyoung -> Hyo -> Yoona? Yes please!


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