Angela Aki performs "Kokuhaku" on Music Japan. Sounds like the f**king CD.

Angela Aki - Kokuhaku @ Music station | Live performance

Evangela Aki's live game is so air tight that it's enough to make doves cry. This woman does not know how to hit a bad not live. (You best not hit up those ghetto Chinese YouTube sites and link me videos of her hitting bad notes!)

Watch it: Angela performs "Kokuhaku" on Music Japan

I had to keep switching between the album version of this song and this performance to deduce whether Angela was singing live or not. Because she was THAT pitch perfect and sang the song so damn close to the album version. I can confirm after extensive analysis...Angela indeed sung live. Angela don't do miming (F**k off with your .swf files of Angela miming please!)

The only thing I can fault this performance for is being cut so short. Music Japan are still enforcing their 'One verse, one run of the chorus' rule on their guests. I can't remember the last time they let an artist or a group perform a song in full. I also demand that the next time Angela performs this song, that she takes to the stage with a microphone stand, a live band and that she starts grinding all up on that pole like her name is 'Blue Sapphire'. I bet Angela can work a mean waist.

I love "Kokuhaku". I love it more and more with each listen. I am so amped for Blue to drop and for Angela to leave bitches heads looking like they caught a case of alopecia when she starts her festival performances and national tour.

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  1. Oh shit, she came back STRONG.

    I can safely say as long as we keep it in a box where nobody will ever look, WHITE is a thing of the past.

    Girl is back on that Today and Answer swag and this album better sell at least 100k.

  2. *All Wigs Are Snatched Instantly* I'm thinking she's gonna promote this album long term. The release is far too rushed. And I have no idea where Kokuhaku charted on oricon, but I doubt it sold much.

    1. I think Sony are banking on her festival gigs and national tour to take care of things. But with them, you never know. Nothing that label does makes sense any more.

      I'm glad Angela is releasing something REAL soon. But we know full well this rush approach rarely works in favour of an album release in any part of the world, much less Japan.


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