Music video: BoA - Only one (Dance version)

This woman. Dropping this shit out of nowhere and coming with dance moves like that. The set was clearly that re-used cheap ass set that Girls' generation used for "Paparazzi" and TittyShit used for "Twinkle". But this video was all about the dancing. The choreography was on point. BoA has not worked a routine this fly and looked this fluid and effortless since "I did it for love". Haters can talk out the side of their mouth all they want about how terrible that song was and how the video ripped off Rihanna's "Umbrella" and everything Janet Jackson had done up until her titty fell out at the Superbowl. But her moves in that video were serious and made bitches take a room full of seats.

I can't believe how BoA was all up on a n***a. I had no clue she liked her some chocolate winkle. She was letting him touch her, hold her dance with her with the lights off and even let him touch her p***y. Taeyeon would never.

I am really surprised that SM entertainment went with "Only one" as a promo song. Pleasantly surprised. I expected for them to go with "The shadow" as it's so typically SM and is of that pop template they whore out to SHINee, Girls generation and Super Junior. Either BoA has serious pulling power at SM to have Lee Soo Man agree to go with "Only you" as the lead promo song because BoA wrote it herself and she wanted to prove shit. Or "Only you" was chosen as it follows the SM trend of the lead promo song being the album title track.

I'd bet a packet of Krackawheat that if SM decide to have BoA hit up Music core and Inkigayo to perform that they'll have her work "The shadow". Ain't no way in hell they're going to have her perform "Only you" on it's own.


  1. Can't deal with how she slayed that shit! I was thinking the same thing about her choreography too, It's like she was actually FEELING it which she hasn't seemed to do since her English album. Those moves were so amazing and can I just say that BoA is looking the hottest she ever has right now her body is on POINT, if I was straight I'd tap that all day errrrrrday lol Something seems different about her face though.
    Really looking forward to seeing some live performances, I know she's gonna have a special on TV so she'll probably slay, meanwhile wtf are Avex planning for her Japanese comeback??? They best not try and turn her into some 12yo girl again.

  2. I'm glad the queen is back; the piano bit sounds a bit like "Stay Gold."

    I didn't know she actually wrote this song, good on her, she just surpasses 99.99% of Kpop bitches with that fact alone.

  3. Damn BoA. I may actually buy this album. "Hurricane Venus" was awful.

    I love this R&B vibe. I'm glad a homegirl has brothas in this video. I hope she does on stage too.

    @David: That was what I was thinking. I miss our Hikki!!

  4. Hmm.. you know what would be better than this MV? her shitting on me.

  5. Your fave could never
    SHIT..MY fave could never. She just slayed EVERYONE in the game in under 4 Minutes.

  6. It's about TIME she gets the pulling power to do what she wants to do. BoA is not about all that styling and floating around they had her do in Hurricane Venus. This is so stripped back and clean and and goes against everything that is currently SM tbh. She better sweep all the awards with this. No one can come for her crown.

  7. She looks great, dancing is awesome but I still hate her voice. I'm impressed she wrote the song too.

  8. I kind of like the song actually, the piano is nice and now that David pointed it out - it does remind me of 'Stay Gold'. Not a big BoA fan but I don't hate this song :-)

    And I agree, the dancing was very good; nice to see some original moves that both sides of the pond are lacking at the moment.

  9. BoA's face looks different.

    Her voice also sounds very nostalgic in this song as if I've heard this before. It reminds me of BoA's "Sweet Impact".

    Ummm......yeah.....and "Stay Gold" sprinkled all over. Giving her side eye for that one. Don't come for Utada in another Country and think she ain't keeping tabs. You know her FATHER is regardless. Game is RUTHLESS.

  10. I like it, even if it is korean, i really don't like the music she does in korea, it felt so random to me, she was like every other female in pop, with tones of autotune and stuff.... but i like this one, hahahaha i'm shocked i saw the video and i was like "Toes to neck = tomboy" but that face *_* She's beatiful.

    I hope she does a great live performance and put those groups of bitches and niggas on a seat to teach them how to perform live while dancing and singing and doing it GOOD (and teach them you just don't brag about it right CL? nasty bitch).

    Good, i hope she kills it

  11. I can't believe my girl BoA is finally back in action like a Power Ranger. She killed that routine and it is amazing how much she has grown as an artist in her vocal ability, but most importantly in her choreography. BoA slays dance routines like Buffy slays vampires, with style, grace and precision. Her voice in this song was classic nostalgic BoA for sure. Very airy and slightly ethereal in all the right ways.

    Also, I agree that BoA looks a little different in the face, but it think is is because she has gained a certain maturity to her features. This is not to say that she looks old, but she looks more grown up. I guess she has leveled up and is ready to snatch some wigs for her collection. Of course, she can't have Utada's with that "Stay Gold" piano riff because it is firmly stapled, sewn, and glue to her head.

    The combined powers of Captain Planet, the Ginyu Force, and a Zord made of Koda Kumi's snatch, Ayumi's frail chest and torso, and Namie's sexy miserable face couldn't scalp or snatch Utada's wig. I can't wait for the new album to drop. Thanks for sharing the video, J.

  12. I actually don't list to BoA much. (Please don't attack me...) But, I really like the song, and I'm a sucker for cute dance videos like this. Somehow,I was reminded of old Aaliyah music videos, or maybe just like that R&B vibe in general, the way things were when I was growing up. I'm really feeling this.

  13. So BoA got an All-Kill with her new "Only One" Album.

  14. Glad I'm not the only one who think her face changed! I guessed it was some botox?! Her new hair colour is great though, better than that black ahjumma hair. The song is great, the best song in her new album. Guess she's not coming back to Japan anytime soon, since she was flopping bad last time, but I won't mind a Japanese cover

    1. I think her face has changed too but I don't think it's botox... She still looks great it just looks like she's matured facially and something has happened around her mouth / chin area... for some reason it seems like her lips are smaller or her chin is more pointy or something, agree her hair is great though.

  15. Taeyeon would have shanked a nigger for being all up in her air space like that, it's nice to see Boa doing shit, i was just about to get tired of 'copy and paste' loll

  16. Damn, that's some slick dancing. Still, the new EP is pretty generic and boring. But it's pop, so I don't expect much from a full-release. Singles and individual standouts are typically the way to go.

  17. I'm glad she's back to her old tomboy, good music, sick dancing self with this song. I'm even more glad about the amount of love she's getting from the International audience for the video. I pretended that Copy&Venus didn't happen ("Don't Know What to Say" was lovely though). I thought the US album was one big rockin' club jam that didn't get the recognition it deserved [the music was better than what was popular @ the time], but it's good to have this smoother music too.

    Too bad about her face; she was a gorgeous little cutie before. It's probably some plastic surgery/procedure and it makes her look aged beyond her years.

    What's with all the racial and misogynist pejoratives?


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