Album art: Brandy - Two eleven

Brandy - Two eleven | Album art

Shot by Gomillion and Leupold, Brandy looks as though she's been photoshopped within an inch of her damn life. This doesn't even look like her. She looks like Erykah Badu with the body of Ariel The little mermaid. I do like it though. The sexiness and the gold, white and blue motif reminds me of Afrodisiac. If I could be guaranteed the music were of that albums' quality, we'd be cooking on gas!

So many producers names have been thrown around this project that I have no idea which n***a will make the cut aside from Bangladesh, Sean Garrett and Rico Love who are dead certs. Timbaland's name has been flying around longer than word of Missy Elliott releasing Block party. Rodney Jerkins has been dragged in and out of this project every other month and many other names besides. Just give me an album with joints from Brian Kennedy, Bryan Michael-Cox, Eric Hudson, Los Da Maestro and Danja. F**k the rest.

Brandy has yet to disappoint me with an album, but she's already took a misstep with "Put it down". No Brandy album to date has had a song on it that terrible. The remaining tracks on Two eleven had better be out of this world. Brandy has also better have her vocal arrangement game on lock. Because she's been copping out lately. I want her shit to be sounding like there be twelve Brandy's in the studio. TWELVE N***A!!

Two eleven is set to drop in October. Unless it gets pushed back...again.

The Two eleven singles thus far... Put it down | Wildest dreams


  1. I want another iconic R&B album to sing along to.

    And considering the singles have been awful and then wonderful, it could go either way.

    That BRANDY font looks awful though, and if that's gold then so is my shit after too much dairy.

  2. Somewhere in India, a village full of women mourn the loss of their hair.

  3. A bitch's looking ugly in her covers...


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