Music video: G-Dragon rocks yellow wigs and weave pieces in "One of a kind"

Da Brat called. She wants her look back.

I have no idea what goes through this n***as mind. But I'm convinced he's probably lost it. He went through more wig and costume changes in this video than Britney did in "Toxic". He managed to jack Da Brat, Jasmine, Josephine Baker, Madonna and the Goron merchant from The Wind waker, all in one video. And Taeyang... Playa, that look ain't hot. Dem plaits GOTS TO GO! And that top needs to come off. It always needs to come off.

The song is crap, as I often find G-Dragon's solo material to be. But I admire that G-Dragon is doing his own thing. We can hate / laugh at G-Dragon's wigs, his style and whether he has a Brazilian on his vagina or if he matches the pubes to his wig colours; but he truly is one of a kind and fearless in his visual representations of himself, and I can't knock that. In fact, I admire it and sometimes envy it.


  1. that last paragraph is too true, it ran through my mind the entire time i watched the video. i can come up with FEW names that would even *dare* to rock what GD does and still keep legions of fans. he's got such swag no matter the situation - smooth playboy, hood n***a, goofy cornball, or rock star. that sh*t is hot.

  2. I'm actually really really curious as to the process of picking out outfits and hairstyles. It's so randomized it almost looks accidental.

    I actually love the song, but would have hated it from anybody else; dislike Bigbang, but GD has all the swag.

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  4. GD is the only one who could get away with wearing weaves that look like they were fished out of Britney's trash bin, but he is def not the only member of BigBang with swag. Taeyang has mad swag, and I dig his solo stuff. T.O.P also has swag of the Namie Amuro variety lol. He's so laid back and sexy in an understated sort of way haha.

  5. I hate this song so much, but I can't hate on GD. There's something endearing about his whole "I don't give a fuck what you think of me attitude".
    But I did like the part with GD and Taeyang. Taking it back to their trainee days.

  6. the song seems boring, but in the end I feel the fast rap is catching and I love her yellow blond hair


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