Music video: Girls' generation can't afford a music video set in "All my love is for you"

"All my love for you" see's Girls' generation sat around on an indoor construction site. SM entertainment were supposed to build these girls a set, but all that budget went into BoA's twilight epic "The shadow". So we're left with this tattered mess.

With this being Girls' generation's Japanese foray, Jessica pretty much takes centre stage as the lead girl. Ain't nobody caring about Taeyeon. Jessica pretty much sat on Taeyeon's wig for their Japanese debut and she wants to keep her arse warm with it for round 2.

I really am upset that the stylists continue to have Sunny rock variations of the same, tired, blonde wigs that even Madonna wouldn't be caught dead in - even at a chance to shade Lady Gaga. I miss the days when Sunny didn't look like a $20 crack whore, she was a bit chunky and she was throwing frail bitches around in sumo rings on variety shows.

I'm not keen on this song, or video. All I keep thinking as I watch / listen to it is...
a) I've heard this shit before
b) I need more vocals from you bitches, even though I know you can't give them to me
c) "Let it rain" is better and I still want a video for that banger

Then again, I wasn't keen on any of the singles from their Japanese debut, but ended up really liking the album tracks. So I won't write these anorexic tricks off yet. If they can give me songs on a level with "Youaholic", "Let it rain" and "The great escape", they'll swing it just fine by me.


  1. I've never really been a fan of SNSD's ballads & mid-tempos, but this one has been growing on me. I like its chill vibe and video.

    Though I do agree about Sunny's wig, the bitch has been laced RIGHT with the styles in these past singles. Before the hair, she faded into the background and flew under my radar, but when that promo shot from "the boys" was released with her new hair and that red feathered hood, she's been kicking serious ass with the looks and quickly became one of my favorites. The shorts/jacket/hat grunge look she rocks here is everything. All the other girls are meh. I wish she had better vocals though, I wanna see her stand out a bit more.

  2. It's all about Yuri and her meaty healthy filled out body.

  3. I liked the song and the simplicity of the video, that been said you should know this is not their sixth single, but the B-side track of their upcoming release, which is still unknown.


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