Music video: Hiromi lodges in Namie's house for "I need you"

Did Hiromi just doo doo all over Namie Amuro's "The meaning of us"!? Yes. I think she may have did. I love "The meaning of us". It's one of my faves from Past < Future. But Hiromi was giving me passion, vocals and the verge of a mid life crisis in the video. And don't get me started on the 80's power ballad of a chorus. I was not expecting to fall for this song the way I have, but Hiromi's got me...and I ain't trying break free.

Hiromi's vocals have stepped up in a BIG way. Bitch was holding them notes in ways she was not able to on Rainbow. I just hope Honesty is as tight an album. Because her debut was so on point that I was in fear for her that she'd never be able to top it and well...we heard Magic. And aside from "I need you", I've not liked any song post Magic other than "Butterflies". My fingers stay crossed though. Hiromi gives me what I wish more chicks in the J-R&B game would.

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  1. This girl needs some solid sales this time around, and hopefully she'll get them.

    And look, they gave her a real Mac laptop this time!

    Things are looking up for Hiromi after all.

    1. LOL I thought the same thing about the Mac. I was like oh shit Sugabee has a budget for a mac this time around? haha and they even upgraded the camera from the iphone they were using before to shoot her PVs.

  2. I thought I commented on this? -__- Flop ass blogspot. Anyway, I like the song and video. Usually Hiromi be looking like something that crawled off the set of the Hills Have Eyes, but she looks cute here.

  3. Did this bitch get a budget?

    I was expecting some type of "Yes" mess.

    This is actually nice and scenic.

    The song is alright, it reminds me of Avril's "Keep Holding On" though.


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