Music video: Hitomi smokes and opens her legs with Donnie Darko thugs in "↑↓"

J-Pop's bit of filth who was skanking on the charts and televisions long before Kumi opened wide is back on the scene with "Up down" (stylized as "↑↓"). The song sounds like a Son Dam-bi reject, but I like the video. The editing is what does it for me. Although Hitomi did very little but walk, squat down, open her legs and smoke a cigarette, she was swaggin'. She's a bad bitch. Ain't no other chick in Japan who would pose in suspenders and smoke a cigarette whilst stood in between two Donnie Darko rabbit looking ass n***as. But Kumi Koda will probably go one better for her "Go to the top" video and straddle some Rastafarians and throw up the west-side.

"↑↓" is produced by Brian Lee who is noted for collaborating with Lady Gaga. On which song, I have no clue. The song is lifted from Hitomi's album . Her last album charted at #125 on the charts, so how well this new album will do is anybodies guess.

Can you believe this woman is 36 years old!?


  1. This is very MAA. It's low quality as hell, but MAA can't help it, she's on an indie label and has no budget; but Hitomi should know better. The video is low quality too, fucking dancing bunny man. Get out.

    I would be surprised if this even touched the charts.

    Japanese women don't age though.


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