Music video: Kara ready bodies by opening "Pandora"

Kara just took Son Dam-bi's "Saturday night" and "Amoled" videos and took a shit on both of them. That faint sound you'd heard was of Son Dam-bi pushing her comeback back...again.

Shiny floors and tube lights were in full abundance, ticking the boxes on the base line requirements of what a mainstream K-Pop video must contain. But when leg is being flashed and coats are being dropped off of shoulders to reveal how baby got back (Actual vertebral back. Korea don't know 'bout back) you tend to let that shit slide.

I wasn't keen on this song until the chorus kicked in. Then I knew what time it was. The 80's vibe and the fusion of electro and live instrumentation; Kara, you've roped me right in. My body is ready for all five of you.


  1. Kpop videos always give me headaches.

    Bitches in a car one second, high security room with fashionable chairs the next, face close-up, bitch is in a venting system now, LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS, Leg stroke, different girl in venting system, LIGHTS, and KARA logo.


    Song is late 80s magic though.

  2. let's not pretend like we didn't know what was coming. 5 gorgeous girls in high heels and short skirts are not about to give us utada-esque performances with lyrics and orchestration. these gals came right with the looks, style, and choreo - they sucked me right in. and i was happy about it.

    i whole heartedly agree, that chorus sealed the deal. the second that drum hits and the strings swelled, i was in love. thanks j, looks like you found me my new rest-of-the-month jam.

  3. Kara is a good Idol group,But this song is very general.


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