Namie Amuro gives sex in a Louboutin shoot for WWD

Namie Amuro in WWD magazine | Magazine shoot Namie Amuro in WWD magazine | Magazine shoot

Namie would rather clean Ayu's infinity pool than do any form of TV promotion or so much as an interview. But she's more than happy to get dolled up for a fashion shoot in an array of magazines. One of Namie's recent gigs was for WWD magazine, who decided to do a mash up issue with lots of different artists, photographers and known names in music and fashion. Namie's mash up was with Christian Louboutin. And it's as it sounds. Namie just had to look fly in iconic red lacquered heeled boots and shoes...and that's it. With Namie being Namie, she looked fly to death and sent half the population on the search for their fave, having sent them all under late night Shinkansens.

Namie's photoshoots for magazines are always so on point, that it infuriates me that she never does a full shoot for her album inlays.The last album she did which had an inlay full of shots was Style. Every other album since has been a cover, a variation of the cover in the final page of the inlay. BOOK DONE!

Bitch is so f**king lazy, but I love her.


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