Album art: Rihanna - Unapologetic

Album art: Rihanna - Unapologetic |

Forehead Fenty took time out of her schedule of riding the fist of Chris Brown so far into her vagina that he could punch her from the inside to release the cover art of her 7th studio album Unapologetic. As you can see, this stunningly classy and glamorous album cover features Forehead Fenty Dumpty posing topless with sharpy scribbles all over her titties.

It's a cluster fuck of Janet Jackson, Madonna and what Neneh Cherry kinda did 20 years ago; but I quite like it. The scrawling doesn't do much in the way of highlighting the album title though. On a first glance I would think (did think) the album title was 'Side effects'.

Talk that talk was boring and unmemorable. I'm expecting the same from this. Is anybody even anticipating this album? Can you really look forward to an album from a girl who is always releasing something at every point in the year? My answer is no. And "Diamonds" is doing nothing for me.

Pigeons will die mid flight and fall out of the sky once the Forehead starts to hit some of those notes in "Diamonds" during her live performances. I hope Good morning America has a giant gazebo for the audience to stand in.

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  1. Does it say "Fart" on her face?

    Why is the hashtag #Navy on her stomach?
    Is that suppose to be a nudge at Chris Browns seamen in a bitches belly?

    Girl is trying too hard.

  2. OMFG J... you just dragged Rihanna all the way back to Barbados lmao!

    The cover doesn't seem that fresh though, It's ok but looks like it could have been from the booklet of "TTT" or something...
    "Diamonds" is growing on me but it's nothing amazing tbh and LOL I thought it said "Fat" on her forhead (no joke).

    1. The cover isn't fresh, because it draws from lots of what has been done before. And as you said, it does feel very 'Talk that talk'. Scrawls and scribbles played a part in the art direction of that album and also her "You da one" video.

      I do like it though and it makes a statement. It doesn't feature her name or her even her signature 'R' anywhere on it. And there is a scrawl going right across her face. know it's Rihanna.

  3. Nasty.

    I preferred it when there were bruises all over her body. At least then she covered up and I didn't have to see droop titty.


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