Single review: Rihanna - Diamonds

Single review: Rihanna - Diamonds |

After singing about playing watersports with diamonds on her smash hit single "We found love", Forehead Fenty has washed them off and is holding them up to the sun with..."Diamonds". A sequel of sorts. If "We found love" was the uncertainty of loving someone you'd met inebriated and drugged up at a Saturday night rave, then "Diamonds" is the reassurance of love being the answer and the everything on a Sunday afternoon in each other arms.

Written by Sia Furler, the lyrics of the song are poignant. But they're left dead and wading in low waters by production which feels lacking and a vocal phone in from Rihanna which feels lifeless and dis-concerned. Had Sia sung this herself or given it to Christina Aguilera (who did wonders with the Sia penned ballad "You lost me"), Adele (who this song reminds me of), or Jessie Ware (whose warm vocals would marry witht he sound) "Diamonds" could have been something decent. But with neither Rihanna, Stargate nor Benny Blanco willing to push the song and give a single f**k, "Diamonds" feels flat.

Rihanna's complete departure from anything she's done before is admirable, especially released as a lead single. But at its core, "Diamonds" in the hands of Rihanna just isn't strong enough. The song never soars as the lyrics and tone of the song lead you to believe it will. There is no grandiose build to a plateau of powerful vocals and visceral soundscapes and this is what kills the song for me. It's just 4 minutes of monotonous droning. And whilst Rihanna sounds vocally stable throughout, she sounds the same at the start of the song as when she ends it. She never gives anything more. She gives about as much emotion, heart and feeling as a dead XBox 360.

Given Rihanna's penchant for blowing charts to smithereens with her lead singles, I applaud her and her A&R team for giving us something wholly different each time; as it would have been easy to have retread the sound of a previous single for success. But "Diamonds" is weak and sounds as though she's emulating somebody else. Begging the question, despite Rihanna having so many hit singles, does she really have a sound to call her own?


  1. Wow, I knew you'd give it a low score, but I did NOT expect so low... Although, I do agree with you. That song goes absolutely nowhere you expect it to. It's by far her safest single I've heard...

    1. "Safe"?

      Now SWERVE.

      What RiWhina (Ree-Whine-Nuh) normally does is safe. This right here was something retarded.

      This wasn't like a Diamond. This was like a Broken Hymen. Painful.

      You hear me?

    2. I hear you, and it is safe. No "let's sex it up to the point it makes porn stars blush", no "sing with a woman-beater who was also an ex", no "I'm gonna pretend to be a gangsta, again, this Halloween", no nothing. It's just boring, annoying, and typical.

      And you're basically agreeing with me, so no need for the reply... hun.

    3. I'm sorry, this song is typical for who again? RiWhina?

      Darling BYE.

      Most of what you put in those quotations is what is typical of this bish.

      You need to find your 5th Sense because clearly you've lost TOUCH.

  2. I'd rather not give a troll the satisfaction of a reply, and you, my good sir, are the biggest troll I've seen so far. Adding nothing to the conversation, and being nothing but disagreeable. So, see this as the last f*** I give to you.

  3. *CatchesTheLastF***AndPutsItInMyPockets*

    Imma treasure this $h!t.


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