Girls' generation perform "I got a boy" live. Sooyoung mimes "Ayo GG!" Is now laziest member of the group.

Whilst Lee Soo Man watches the monetized pay per click money from the YouTube upload of the music video roll in, Girls' generation are keeping their Papi paid with live performances on every single TV show which has a stage big enough 9 stick thin girls. Whilst I am still not in love with this song; I have to say, these live performances do it a type of justice and the girls manage to pull the routine off better than they did in the music video. Whoulda thunk it!?

Music bank performance

Inkigayo performance

These tricks mimed like some mutha f**kers. But I expected as much. There was no way they were going to get away with slashing the routine to ribbons for the sake of singing live, when the routine is such an integral part of the song  (as they oft tend to be in K-Pop). Fans ain't trying to hear live vocals with this shit anyway. They just want to see the hip rolling from the 4 members who can actually roll a hip.

I'm also going to have to hand a 'YOU DOIN' IT FO' ME' card to Taeyeon. Her swag was hot and she was gettin' it with the routine. She even whipped the hair proper in a way in which she failed to in the music video. She can slide on over with my home girls Hyoeyon and Yuri. I'll give a shout out to Yoona, because the girl can hip roll.

This admittance of mine may leave some of my readers dead for breath, but the live performances do "I got a boy" favours. I shoulda known something like this would happen, as it was the same shit with "Tell me your wish (Genie)". It was only when these skinny tricks started performing it live that I began to like it. "I got a boy" ain't got a THANG close to a chicken wang on a string to "Tell me your wish (Genie)". But the live performances are doing more for the song than the video and the song alone. And their styling in their Music bank and Music core performances are a damn sight better than the messes they wore in the music video. The hair team need to ease up on Hyoyeon and Sunny though. They run a different colour through those scalps for every performance. Those girls' will have that hair fall out before the "I got a boy" repackage drops.


  1. These bitches can't event whip their wigs right... How's this shit gonna be a good performance?

  2. I don't know what you're seeing, but I ain't even seeing legs moving in the same direction at times, honestly.

    They're already over in Japan after just one album, can't wait until they're done and over in Korea too.

  3. the styling in the Inkigayo perf is great as far as the colors, but i'm so tired of seeing that damn OBEY clothing everywhere!

    on another note, hyoyeon is growing on me. i was never really a fan because i thought she was a bit funny-looking, but i'm starting to find her looks so lovely in these past few vids and performances.

  4. Sooyoung mimes, "Ayo GG", and I died.

    Random J, thanks for choosing not to flock with the rest of the sheep any longer. The song won you over like it did everyone else and you know their dance is flawless thus you own that $h!t.

    The rest can stay mad and camouflage it with false hate to appease no one but their mothers because not even they are happy about the fact that they like this song now whilst unable to openly show it to save that egg covered face. Yes Ma'am.

  5. Lol when Seohyun's hair is in braids, the members called her Seonoop dogg

  6. loll sooyoung you lazy ass hoe, still not feeling IGAB, but hyo and yuri are still doing the damn thing.
    We all know you have a soft spot for Taeyeon, no ones surprised J ;)


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