Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gets to' up in "Furisodeshon"

For all the drank in Pussy Pamyu's cup in this video, it's one of her most generic. This doesn't make it any less of a spectacle however. It just makes you realize how f**ked up her previous videos were. I can't even sit through "PONPONPON" without it giving me a headache and leaving me planked on the floor. I think the message of this video is to drink alcohol and then watch a Pussy Pamyu video to truly understand them.

Pamyu's music draws obvious comparisons to Perfume due to sharing the same producers and an overlap of sounds, but this is the one instance where visually she was giving me Perfume as well. It was like "Spice" meets "Fushizen na girl", which obviously makes this video some form of amazing. Pussy Pamyu had me when she began getting to' up on the alcohol and didn't let go of me until her n***a was comforting her drunken ass at the very end of the video. I like the video more than I like the song, but the song is decent and a nice change of gears somewhat for Yasutaka.


  1. Okay, I get the love for the video (especially the "LV. Up" parts). Wasn't the best video, IMO, but I love the song with a passion. That chorus is as infectious as the rest of Yasutaka's music... And I can get past the cutesy sound like I will with "Mirai no Museum"... :D


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