Namie's 5 major dome tour cover features smiling. Baby Jesus cries.

Namie's 5 major dome tour cover features smiling. Baby Jesus cries |

When I saw this in a forum before Christmas I thought it was either fan made or a CD Japan place holder. But now I can now tell you all with 100% certainty that this is the official DVD cover for Namie's 5 major domes tour. I f**king hate everything about it. Not only is Namie smiling, but she looks disingenuously dead in the face. Not her normal type of dead where she is giving you life with the deadness. But, just plain dead. This may not make the slightest bit of sense to some of you, but the Namie fans amongst you who live for her dead face as I do know what I mean. Put simply, I just plain hate this cover. Her face looks like it has somebody else's smile photoshopped onto it.

Namie's home release of her 5 major domes tour will also come with a double disc live album, for those who want to hear Namie's vocals smothered by the backing track with less of a contribution to the lead vocals than on the studio versions of the songs.

If you've watched one Namie tour, you've seen them all. The setups are always identical and she wear the same f**king set of corset tops, knee high boots and ruffled skirts. I preferred her Live style and Best fiction tours personally.

Despite all of my negativity in this post, I f**king love this woman.

I want to hear team Ayu represent their faves' bullshit when this DVD tops ORICON charts for weeks on end and outsells her ~Power of music~ 2011 DVD in its first week.

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  1. When you smile your eyes are suppose to scrunch up, and girl isn't moving a muscle.

    Honestly I think she's just not having fun with her career.

    Girl made some depressing remarks during that Singapore stint about basically being done.

    Either way, she's is still outselling all hoes in Asia and is dead facing her way to endorsements galore.

    Probably catching some late career blues, which Ayu needs some of NOW.

  2. You had to take it there didn't you.... I don't care if this does outsell "Power of music 2011" because that show SLAYED everything, Like you said... You see one Namie tour you see them all, Ayu always brings something different and is always great to watch...

    I honestly don't know who would pay to see Namie... I like her but seriously... may as well just sit in front of a mannequin in H&M.

    1. "always great to watch..."

      Hotel Love Songs was like watching a retired Vegas hooker somehow land her own special at Caesars Palace.

    2. Hotel Love songs was a mess... but that's the only one and her countdown after HLS slayed so...

    3. Who would pay to see Namie LIVE? Well obvioulsy those thousands who sold out the dome tour.

      The thing with Namie is that, YES, the bitch does almost the same in every tour, just the stage and costumes change, BUT, she performs.

      In my opinion, if i'm going to pay to see an "Artist" LIVE, and by LIVE i mean concert, not just there standing and waving. I would apreciate if the artist... you know... PERFORMS LIVE. I don't care about all the clown costumes and wigs you wear on one concert, i don't care about your dancers doing everything while you stand there "singing", i don't care if the shit on your stage has lights and moves, i don't care about anything else a "performer" does on stage when it comes to NOT perform. So yeah, i would totally pay to see a dead girl that sings and dances her ass off on her concerts, instead of a robotic girl that looks fake as hell on stage and does that only.

    4. @FokinRG

      Well honestly, most solo artists in Japan perform LIVE. It's a no-no in Japan to lip sync unless you're gonna put on a REAL show like Perfume or for some reason if you're just AKB48.

    5. @FokinRG UM... BYE lol, Yeah thousands paid to see Namie and that's their business I'm just saying PERSONALLY I wouldn't pay to see her more than once to see the same boring shit over and over...

      And PLEASE Yeah Ayu has amazing stages and dancers and shit because she's putting on a SHOW but there are times when she just sings without all that crap, EG...

      And please lets not talk about robotic because Ayu cries all over the show lmao... When was the last time Namie even cracked a smile? They had to photoshop one onto her DVD cover lol

    6. @Luke: Catch any backstage / behind the scenes footage of her or TV interviews back when she used to give a damn about doing them and you'll see smiles and laughs often. And Namie is so stranger to laughing, smiling and or crying live on stage during her tours. I think it's a Japanese thing. Most female J-Pop acts break the f**k down during the encore.

  3. Yes, the smile looks fake. But its still the first printed smile since '00. (btw is that even HER on that '97 single "Dreaming I Was Dreaming"?)

    If you compare the cover to her First Anniversary Live, you can see zombie in her is tired of eating her own brains.

  4. YES! I'm right there with you on this being the wrong kind of dead. This is not a flattering picture of her at all. I fucking hate it. Namie has been dead on the inside for years, and that's the only way I want to see her look. This cover is giving me nothing but the urge to take a flight to japan and slap her for releasing this mess and not dancing during Try Me.

    1. Namie knows she was wrong for that. Especially when she went IN with the dancing for "You are my sunshine".

    2. Dead wrong! I would have even given her a free pass to mime to the backing track!

  5. I really like her smile! I think it's cute and it doesen't look fake. That's my opinion :)

  6. i actually saw the tour and namie smiles a lot, emphasis on "A LOT" so watch the show before you criticize anyone. This tour is one of the best in jpop history. I regret not going there myself. Ps: ayu would wish to be on namie's shoes right now. Ayu is going no where but down these days


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