Album art + tracklisting: Justin Timberlake - The 20 / 20 experience

Album art + tracklisting: Justin Timberlake - The 20 / 20 experience |

This album cover makes a very bold statement. Not only is the majority of Justin's face obscured, but it doesn't feature his name in full. It shouts confidence and says a lot about how / where he see's himself positioned career wise right now.

It's the first of Justin's album covers which ties in with the name of the album itself. Justified had Justin posing in a waste land with a pipe in the background and FutureSex/LoveSounds had him putting his foot through a disco ball. This album is called The 20 / 20 experience and has him looking into one of a Phoropter. THE CONNECTION IS OBVIOUS. I like it. The only thing I hate is the font placement of the 'JT'. I think Justin could have gone one step further an omitted his initials completely.

The tracklist for this album looks / feels slim in comparison to FutureSex/LoveSounds' which totalled a 16 track count if you included the interludes and 2-in-1 song switches. Skimmed down track lists have become rather commonplace over the past couple of years. Particularly with Sony / RCA's releases. We're just spoilt really. Expecting 16 track albums all the time.

  1. Pusher love girl
  2. Suit & tie featuring Jay-Z
  3. Don't hold the wall
  4. Strawberry bubblegum
  5. Tunnel vision
  6. Spaceship coupe
  7. That girl
  8. Let the groove get in
  9. Mirrors
  10. Blue ocean floor

Credits for this album haven't surfaced yet, but Timbaland being all over this album is a dead cert and reportedly Justin had also booked studio time with The Neptunes and Bloodshy & Avant. I really hope Pharrell put his foot in this album, as it'd be great to hear what he cooks up for Justin. It's been over 10 years since they worked together and Pharrell broke Justin out solo in spectacular fashion with "Like I love you" - which remains one of my favourite Justin Timberlake joints to this day.


  1. I can't with him acting all artsy fartsy like he is some serious artist. He is so overrated like gtfo, worse than Gaga.

    1. I wouldn't say worse than Lady GaGa, but I get what you are saying. Whoever you are. Anonymous? So rude.

      But yeah, he is doing that thing Christina Aguilera did when she said her music/Album is/was an unheard masterpiece or something like that.

      Justin, instead of taking the practical simple road of promotion of just letting music be music, he's basically saying his songs this time around are personalities, worlds and people and I just can't. He said something along those lines tonight right before the Grammy's started, because for some reason the media is buying it and giving him special interviews, changing the color on my tv screen for his performances and thinking he stole the show because he made Jay-Z get up out his seat.

      Well when Jay-Z got up, Justin should have sat down in it, because "Suit&Tie" needs to go to the cleaners where all hardcore stains go to be taken out.

      Now why is he back up on stage just talking on behalf of the Grammy Foundation. I don't unders--

    2. exactly. he's a cool writer yes. has really cool production values. YES. but him as a vocalist? NOT REALLY. for how big he is? as a vocalist he lacks. and that's all i have to say.

  2. I am holding out for those features. Pharrell and "old-school" usually equals magic! And the titles sound more than just interesting! I like the cover, too. It's very exact and not as "conceptual" as it could be. I like the fact that it only features his nose and mouth, yet you know exactly who that is! Overall, this return to music is gonna be my favorite, hands down!

  3. Not a fan of "Suit and Tie" BUT...

    I'm listening to "Mirrors" right now. Gah damn this track is the shit.

    Oh and don't really care much for the album cover.

    1. "Oh and don't really care much for the album cover."

      Sit your miserable, negative ass down *side eye* I am with you on "Mirrors" though. JAM!

    2. I didn't say it was terrible, just don't care much for it.

      *goes back to playing Ni No Kuni*


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