Ayu fixes up her weave for "Melody"

Ayu's weave game has been on point since the release of Love. So it's nice to see her keep up the maintenance of it in her music videos too.

The videos from these anniversary releases have been a bit hit and miss; treading a thin line between cheap boring messes and simple snippets of decency worth watching. The video for "Melody" looks like the best of both, but it works and goes perfectly with the song. I'll take this shit over another video depicting Ayu being physically and mentally abused by her man. There's only so much of that damaged shit I can take and Ayu's been giving us those videos for near enough every release she's put out since Love songs.

Robot face looks really nice in this music video. No shade! She always looks decent when she keeps her style basic and fixes up her weave. The whole maze concept and my initial reaction of "Hmmm... Ayu looks kinda hot" reminded me of "(Don't) Leave me alone".


  1. You are so right... Most of these videos have been so cheap they may as well have not been made. A few have been ok ("Missing", "You & me", Wake me up") but the majority are just Ayu in some room walking around of some shit and for a woman who used to make some of the best music videos around this isn't a good look.

    I dunno how Avex think that by being this cheap they're gonna somehow revive her popularity, They need to remind people why they love her which means good videos, singles and actual PROMOTION........

    This whole thing is starting to piss me off, They're too scared to do anything so that they don't break her number 1 streak but it's like... just do it! you may not get another No1 but you may start to do well again and even if you don't you got so many fucking records set does it even matter???

    About this video though........ it's crap and the song isn't all that but she does look gorgeous, She looks like she put some weight on and is giving me Lara Croft in that vest haha

  2. love this song, but the pv is boring when you see it all, she's doing the same for the next few minutes
    I miss her old pvs which got astory to tell like part of me, fated, rainbow... every pv got a story LOL


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