Music video: BoA snatches a cradle for Taemin in "Disturbance"

Only you was a flop. Let's not let how on point the song and choreography in the title song were detract from that. But BoA is back with another Korean single as though that shit never happened. And in a rather nice twist the song and video feels like a continuation of sorts from "Only one". As with "Only one" the song was written by BoA herself. It's nice to see BoA going to lengths to showcase herself as an artist. Something she caught flack for over the years as she was seen as SM's puppet and nothing more.

BoA loves dem SHINee boys. And seems to have developed a thing for Taemin; having chosen him be her dance partner for her "Only one" performances and now cradle snatching him for her music video. I would've thought Minho would have been her choice, as she never passes up a chance to let him put hands on her body. But I guess she saw that performance he did with Yuri, noted the lack of chemistry as the entire world did and figured he was not the one. Or maybe she fancied something younger and frail she can throw around in the bedroom.

Her chemistry with Taemin was really nice in this video and didn't feel as awkward as I thought it would prior to watching this. Taemin's groupie pussy count just leveled up. Because he acted a MAN in this video after years of me questioning whether he was a girl and SM put him in the wrong group. A far shy from his moments of wearing weave pieces and working a leg better than those SNSD tricks with a bow in his hair to their hit "Genie".

"Disturbance" is a nice song, exhibiting that smooth R&B / Jazz feel that BoA brought forth with Identity - the first album of hers in which she took an active role in writing for and producing.


  1. Only You was a digital hit...

  2. I liked him better as a girl.

  3. LOL "Only You" wasn't a flop. It got an all-kill, reached No. 2 on the charts, and finished 2012 as the 33rd biggest song of the year. It did way better than Hurricane Venus and Copy & Paste. The album did pretty poorly though.

    1. Still a flop TBH. We're talking about BoA, the bitch that moved 1 million units of VALENTI within a week in Japan. What the hell happened to her... *sigh*

      Waiting for a real BoA comeback, I gave up being a BoA fan like after Hurricane Venus. I'm still waiting for BoA to snatch bitches wigs all over Asia again, that has yet to happen.

  4. All songs get an 'All kill' nowadays.
    The song was ok-ish, Taemin was looking nice and manly, but am I the only one who thought he was about to Chris brown her at one point? The boy is handsome but an actor, he aint.


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