Music video: Jessie Ware - Imagine it was us

Jessie just snatched my hi-top trainer off of my foot and threw it back into the 90s with this shit.

Produced by Jessie's beat laying partner in crime Julio Bashmore with a video directed by Jessie's visual partner in crime Kate Moross - Jessie is in familiar care, yet manages to give us something new unlike anything else on she's done before: something strictly club driven.

"Imagine it was us" will feature on the gold edition of her critically debut album Devotion - which will release physically in both the US and the UK. The song will stick out like a sore thumb amongst the original Devotion tracklisting, but it acts as a much better introduction of her to the US than "110%" ("If you're never gonna move") did and it has 'UK Summer hit' written all over it.

If Jessie had gone IN on that dance floor and started slow grinding and whipping a ponytail on that dude at the end of the video, this would have been perfection.

The 90s deep house stank on this song is giving me all I need right now.


  1. It's giving me subtle Roisin Murphy teas. I like it!

  2. YES finally the US will get to hear the awesomeness of "Devotion" in full. Already have the CD but I would totally buy it again to support my girl Jessie. This track is everything

  3. I like that too. I'll have to check her out. I would love to hear Crystal put out something like this, just a nice summer song.

  4. Jessie Ware has been growing on me recently. I've been listening to Devotion a lot lately, and I'm looking forward to the gold edition. Imagine it was us makes me want to grab someone and dance sensually with them on the dance floor lmfao.


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