Kashiyuka snatches Chun-Li's wig in the preview of Perfume's "Magic of love" music video.

After boring us to tears with their music videos for "Spending all my time" and "Mirai no museum", Perfume are back on that playful, colourful, somebody-was-in-the-editing-room-until-early-hours-to-match-the-trickery-swag for "Magic of love".

These Robohoes had better not skimp with the dance routine. Perfume have developed a horrible habit of not dancing full routines in their music videos (in the case of "Spending all my time", not dancing at all) and then performing the song live and snatching everything within a mile radius with the full routine (i.e "Spending all my time").

I'm still not in love with the song, but the visuals are more of what you would expect from a Perfume video, following a deviation on their past 3 music videos; and that I do like.

KASHIYUKA'S KICK THO!!! She kicked that shit so fast that the pussy didn't know what day of the week it was when those legs opened and that foot went up.

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