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So, my ex-girl Hiromi has decided to jump on the covers bandwagon. Fuck Beni. I blame her for this mess.

Hiromi will be releasing a mini album of *self covers titled Incomplete -Traces of 5 years- on June 22nd. I have zero interest in this album, which is about the same amount of interest I had in her last studio album Honesty. I had such high hopes for this girl following her amazing debut, and all she's done since then is fall off. I do not know who she's blowing at Sugabee records to have a tour commissioned (Honesty tour 2013 coming to a Lotteria near you!!) and an advance on recording ANOTHER album. But Hiromi is staying on that Sugabee pay roll. I'm happy for her to still be in a position to keep releasing music, because she is being given lifelines other bitches would snatch a child for.

I hope Hiromi gives me a Rainbow throwback for her next full length album. Because I refuse to allow an artist with as much potential as Hiromi to just fall off, stay off and be walking off like this. Where is the girl who was giving me J-R&B realness 4 years ago!?

Album reviews: Rainbow | Magic 

* Denotes an edit made to the original post , based on clarification given by my skank bitches in the comments.


  1. I liked honesty, but it was no Rainbow. I would be lying if I Said I wasn't disappointed in her with honesty. Butterflies, fuiuchi love, and tell me are the only songs that get played regularly off of honesty.

  2. After seeing the track list on the album teaser, I would say that it's more of a self-cover or remix compilation. I think 'M' will be the only real cover on it.

  3. This is actually a self cover album if you see the tracklist. Maybe you should listen to Lisa Yamaguchi (but then again she switches back and forth from R&B) or SATOMI' whatever she calls herself nowadays.

  4. She is pretending everything before True Colors didn't happen SMH. I really liked her debut song L.O.V.E

  5. At least Honesty has some good tracks on it.
    I seriously love Hiromi's music and i hope she can become at least semi popular in Japan or something... Her music is soo good.

  6. Also ELLIE! She released an album called Heartone last year, when I thought her I thought she'd be like Kana Nishino but she really can sing well. Not saying Kana can't but....


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