Music video: Iggy Azalea - Bounce

Iggy is that girl that makes shit work. Whether she's sitting on some American neighbourhood door stop rapping about pussy, popping for a red-neck about how she git dat work, or goes Bollywood glam about making the booty bounce - she always sells it.

"Bounce" is Iggy's most commercial sounding song to date and her first which sounds like it could be a worldwide hit. Too bad it's only releasing in Europe, which isn't such a bad thing because this song is pretty Euro-centric, even with all of the Indian flourishes. Featuring production from London based trio The invisible men and also sounding like something from London's darling M.I.A.

The video to this song is amazing. Iggy's visuals to date have all been cool, quirky and avoid the common denominators. Rather than shoot a video which features girls twerking and booty clapping in a car park full of n***a's, Iggy puts on a Sari, shimmy's with her Indian home girls and rides an elephant through Mumbai.


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