Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Invader Invader

This is my fucking jam. Fuck a "Ninjari bang bang". Nakata is giving Pussy Pamyu the magic and throwing Perfume's shit under a Golden week rickshaw. The production on this song is fire. I can't even talk out the side of my mouth about the inclusion of dubstep, because it works. It It's almost a shame it went to Pussy Pamyu because an extra bit in the way of vocals would have made this song top 10 errrthang. 

Whilst the song is an A, the video is a Z. This video is a piece of shit. It's pretty much a re-enactment of her "Invader Invader" performances from her 'world' tour, except somebody actually coughed up some yen for some form of stage set. This girl is getting cheques from Sega, Big echo, G.U and Adidas. So, why are her videos progressively getting worse and looking cheaper?


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