Music video: Lee Hyori - Miss Korea

What I initially thought was Lee Hyori being ballsy and proclaiming to every woman in South Korea to take a seat, is actually a declaration of how stupid ideals of beauty are. Easy to say when you look as hot as Lee Hyori does. But shade aside, "Miss Korea" is a great song, with an equally great video. It'd be easy for Hyori to do another "Chitty chitty bang bang", but instead she's giving us substance and leaving all that vacuous shit to the younger girls.

Lee Hyori's vocals leave A LOT to be desired. There are many women in K-Pop who could have sung this better. The 60's vibe is right up the Wonder girls street and they'd already done this whole black and white thing for "Be my baby". And Ga-In is a chick who comes to mind as somebody who would have killed this song and video. But credit where it's due, Hyori does a good job. Let's see how long it takes before a plagiarism claim comes out of the woodwork. Or VOGUE and fashion houses order a cease and desist of the video because  of unlicensed use of their logos.


  1. Meh, this song isn't doing it for me. However, i still have my hopes up for her album as "H-Logic", despite having its tracks stolen from all over the place, is one of the best K-Pop albums of all time.

  2. Mhm~ Homegirl made plagiarism look good XD


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