Perfume perform "Magic of love" on Music Japan. Nobody really cares.

If you feel how I do about "Magic of love", then you're probably over the song already and are just hoping that Perfume will hurry up and release an album or that Nakata will smoke the same crack he's on when he produces for Pamyu Pamyu's material for Perfume's next single.

It's a shame "Magic of love" isn't that great of a song, because aurally and visually its very current and on-trend without flaunting it unashamedly and coming off as though it's trying to be. The disco flavour of the song is rides the disco wave which is soon to sweep the Summer all thanks to Daft Punk's worldwide smash hit "Get lucky". And visually the girls are rocking 70's hair-do's and epileptic inducing prints, which apparently are back and 'in fashion' now. But the song is boring. I've not played it once since it released. Meanwhile, "Spending all my time" continues to get multiple plays, constant rewinds and has me walking backwards up stairs to the beat.


  1. Jamie Arthur Hagan27 June 2013 at 21:43

    can u please review perfumes latest performance at cannes lions ? its pretty spectacular!


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