Music video: Namie Amuro - Hands on me

Namie heard our prayers and read our shady ass blog posts and forum comments. Because she gave us everything we had wanted from this woman since "Yeah-oh". The preview of this video showed off the best parts. But all in all this was a really cool video and Namie left me feeling satisfied. She broke me off with this video. She broke me off right. She gave me that dead lifeless face which gives life in one shot and then new lease on life freshness and smiles in another. And amongst all of that she was dancing a routine which had her working neck, back, waist and even some funky-leg-chicken-hokey-cokey looking ass shit in heels. Namie knew to keep the Amura boots at home, because if she stepped out in L.A and shot a video all day in those, her leg would sweat up like a pig in the back of a truck on its way to Bodeans and her leg would have to be amputated before JAL can check a ho in at the desk.

In the past 24 hours Namie has pretty much shown everybody why Ayu and Kumi are not relevant this year. The last time Avex flew Ayu abroad to shoot a video, they sent her to a ghetto in East London and shot a video in somebodies council flat. Avex throw a special effect budget at Kumi to put American skylines on her green screen videos, because Kumi can't read to fill in a form to apply for a passport. Meanwhile, Namie gets flown to L.A where they shut down an entire road for her to walk down in one music video. And then shut down an entire building, rent out the helipad throw a party on every floor in her honour and invite TLC, who actually turn up because they know who Namie be and because they ain't got fuck all else to do and networks cancelled both of their reality shows.

Where is your faves US shot video featuring TLC and a Summer crub banger though?


  1. Ayu and Koda Kumi better stay inside and glue their tracks down, because Namie is coming for those wigs :3 Hell, she already snatched them, burned them, and did a little gig on them. And the album hasn't even dropped yet!!

  2. I do love this a lot! Same with the song, would've been much better if TLC was featured in the song. Hope there's more like this on the album!!

    Btw Kumi did shoot 2 PVs in LA too a few weeks ago with Fatima Robinson directing them. Travie McCoy showed up in one of them too and she's been working with Toby Gad.

  3. Fatima Robinson worked with Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Ciara. And Toby Gad? That's the guy who was responsible for "If i were a Boy".
    I see Kuu noticed that Namie stepped her game up. Bring on the competition!


  5. Kuu already worked with Toby Gad for the single 4 Times (from Japonesque).
    C'mon Kuu, bring that pussy poppin' anthem we all be waiting for!

  6. Kumi Koda has worked with Fatima Robinson before for the "That ain't cool" video. It was shot in a car park and featured no dancing. And as Michele said, Kumi has worked with Toby Gad before too.

    Namie was chillin' with T-Boz and Chilli like the new members of TLC. Travis McCoy appearing in Kumi's video ain't shit.

  7. "Yeah-oh" is a jam. It was the only single from the 'Uncontrolled' era which was 100% decent. And Namie brought her dancing shoes to that video shoot and wore out the heels.

  8. okay, the music video convinced me. the song now sounds better than before :D

  9. Fatima directed Kuu's That Aint Cool PV and Toby produced V.I.P., so she's not doing these things for the first time :P


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