Music video: Perfume - 1mm

Fuck how much more dancing this video could have had, because these girls will snatch wigs and dance them under tables when they perform this on their dome tour later this year.

I don't want to hear talk about how boring the set was, because dem windows were flashing coloured lights and looked like the album cover. These girls are giving visual consistency and cool technology in a way your fave doesn't know how, aside from featuring a pair of Beats by Dre headphones in their music video.

This video is really all about Kashiyuka's forehead which has been taking wheels and driving everybody to the promise land for the past week and a half. I can't even look at Kashiyuka with bangs any more. When Kashiyuka shows me that forehead, she's telling me that she's a grown ass woman handling grown ass bi'ness. She needs to leave those bangs on the cutting room floor with "Communication" and "Hurly burly". Hopefully by album number 5 we'll get A-chan in some tight skirts and Nocchi clipping in some weave pieces.

On Kashiyuchrist's forehead I trust.

Music video: Perfume - 1mm | Random J pop

The song: 1mm
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  1. Lmfao For the rest of the Level 3 era it will be all about Kashiyuka's forehead. That is all Perfume fans seem to be talking about right now. She's even throwing in those bitch/sex faces to ensure that Nocchi stays irrelevant for the time being.

  2. It's unfair how amazing this girls are. I mean, you could put as many flashing lights and hat tricks you want into a video, but it really comes down to the artist. And these girls, I mean, these women showcase art in music like nobody else today. I'm praying for this or the next album to be the pivotal album that makes Perfume wholly international, because we need artists like them in this industry. :D

  3. That live performance is going to be so hott! Crap, I just love these girls!

  4. Even Nocchi's legs can't compete. lol

  5. Sooo, we can be best friends now, right? I completely agree with every single word. These three amazing girls have risen to the top via their blood, sweat and tears. They appreciate their fans, they perform like it's their last show EVERY TIME and they never fail to surprise me. I have cried at the overwhelming feeling of wonder and appreciation involved in their live shows (any of the Tokyo Dome shows being prime examples). They are truly talented and if given the chance they could easily become one of the top musical acts in the world. Perfume fighting~! <3


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