Random J's 'translation' vol. 2: The true meaning of Perfume's "1mm" is revealed

Perfume - 1mm | Random J Pop

Perfume's 80's electro pop classic "1mm" won the hearts of fans and haters ever since the girls premiered it on their radio show Perfume LOCKS. Many had wondered what exactly the song was about and where the concept of it stemmed from. The subject matter of the song originates from a conversation that Perfume had with Kumi Koda a couple of months ago, in which Kumi shared the wealth of her pussy wisdom with the trio. Perfume's song writer, producer and honorary 4th member Yasutaka Nakata had watched this interview when it aired, which is when he began to get ideas for a song:

"I was at the orthodontist getting my grill fixed, the TV was on and then I saw [Perfume]. I never talk to them outside of work. When they are in my studio, it's very much business. They come in, record the songs and then they leave. So seeing them on the TV was strange for me. I often forget the girls have lives outside of when I'm working with them.

I was listening to the interview with Kumi-chan and was really shocked at what she was saying, because you would never expect [Perfume] to be put in that type of context. But for years I have been fascinated with the divide. That these girls look so innocent and kawaii, yet they have this dark side musically and when they perform. But hearing what Kumi was saying about her pussy, sex and dicks, it made me think: What if Perfume were singing a song from the perspective of girls who have absorbed the advice given by their big sister and are in turn acting as big sisters to other girls? So I wrote "1mm.

I felt so nervous when I presented it to the girls, almost as though I was developing a complex over the subject matter of the song. But Nocchi knows how big my dick is. LOLLLLOLLL".

So there you have it! The version of the song which has been circulating for a while now is the radio edit. Below is the previously unheard explicit version of the song, which I took the liberty of translating.

I have never heard nor seen a girl group masterfully and tactfully sing about a dick before. These girls are amazing.

Perfume's fourth studio album Level 3 is in stores from October 2nd, which also features the cunnilingus anthem "Handy man".


  1. OH.MY.GAAAAAAAA.... This is truly amazing. Khia and Trina who???? No wonder Why they looked so serious in the video, they ain't playing no games when it comes to the piping. Perfumr dont want no short dick mine. i hope you plan on dragging this through asian junkie too!!

  2. When Nocchi dropped it low, every wig Kumi ever owned was suddenly vaporized in a shower of sparks. Homegirl should have never given Yusataka the inspiration for a song like this. EVAR!!!

  3. That was amazing. I have passed away. I'm leaving you everything.

  4. Plllleeeeeeaaazzz this ain't nothing compared to the way Kumi drops it or what we offer in the west.

  5. Yeah no, that video is wrong and you are being obnoxious if you think those lyrics are the actual translation. Please stop doing this and find real honest material instead of fabricating bullshit.


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