Hikaru Utada's father gets the fans' hopes up on a new song for Kingdom Hearts III, then slaps them all in the face.

So, Hikaru Utada's father took to Twitter to answer a fan tweet about Kingdom Hearts III and he let he cat out of the bag about there being a new song from his daughter...

After seeing fans go wild favouriting and retweeting this tweet and probably getting an iChat come through from somebody at Square Enix and / or Disney, Dadata snatched that cat and threw it back into the bag, tying that shit so tightly with rope that little kitty is probably dead now.

There had been varied reports floating around at how there were creative differences between Disney, Square Enix and Team Utada. That there were disputes over money and shit. I'd never seen anything concrete confirming this. It just seemed to be speculation, as neither Hikaru herself or Square had said anything official on any of these matters. I lieu of all of this, I have always sat on the side of Hikaru Utada's faithfulness to what she see's as her commitments. She would never just walk away from Kingdom Hearts regardless of the money not being put on the table, because she seems to be the type of person who does what she wants based on how she feels personally. "Hikari" / "Simple and clean" was one of many defining moments in her career and was her biggest form of exposure to Western audiences. Her releasing "Sakura nagashi" was the lightbulb above my head that Hikaru could still end up releasing a new song for KHIII even in the midst of her exodus from music. She didn't have to release a new song for Evangelion, but she did so anyway. If Disney is indeed the roadblock to getting a new song from Team Utada, then you best believe that as a Japanese company, Square Enix would not just allow their relationship with Hikaru to fall to pieces and have her walk out on dis hurr thang, because she is so synonymous with the series now and it makes THEM look bad. Trust me when I say that Square Enix have been having meetings upon meetings with Mr. Utada, taking him out to Yakiniku with Kobe beef slices, sending him premium fugu to smooth things over and have been cussing out Disney as 'Dat stupid American company' behind their backs.

We'll see how this plays out. But it would be a complete and utter shame if Hikaru did not deliver a new song for Kingdom Hearts III. Just as many people are looking forward to potentially hearing a contribution from her as they are the game. I am for one. The trailer Square Enix showed at E3 2013 did nothing for me, so I will need Hikaru to hit me with a new song to make me care.


  1. The concrete info was a 2009 interview she did where Teruzane flat out said Disney wasn't paying enough of that Yen and Hikki just kind of went along with it saying that translating from Japanese to English and vice versa was testing her artistic integrity or something.

    Girl has said before that she has absolutely no ties to the franchise as she's never even played it and the songs weren't specifically written for the games.

    I was just excited that liartada confirmed a new song because I want some more original material. We'll see how this goes over when Hikki herself addresses it since it's already all over everything/everywhere that she's gonna do it.

    Maybe she'll pull a Beyonce and fire daddy.

  2. I agree that there is more that could be in the song, but as is, it has real hit potential. I could see it as the breakthrough hit for her, but I really want something that fits her more! Ratchet is cute an' all, but I want that "nice and slow", Call me miss... Crystal somewhere in this fix!

  3. It was confirmed. There was an interview transcript annotating what he said and a whole other interview with just Utada went she reconfirmed it.

    And she DID write the songs specifically for the games. Da fuq.

  4. I meant that she didn't write the songs with the video games in mind. She herself said this on her twitter a while ago that she had never played the games and she was talking about how people told her that the songs fit the game very well and that she was happy it did because while writing them she had no clue what the game was even about.

  5. Disney/Square Enix gave her an outline for the games.She didn't go into this blindly. She wrote these songs specifically for the games with knowledge of what the games were about.

    She has said as much in interviews concerning her writing process and how Passion served as part 2 and the conclusion and why it sounded more darker, serious and mature.


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