Sheena Ringo beats people up to a song produced by Yasutaka Nakata

When word got out that Sheena Ringo was working with Yasutaka Nakata, there were gasps, there were holy chants and there was passing out. It's an unlikely collaboration, but an exciting one because their styles are so different, they are both musical beasts and between the two of them, they could have done absolutely anything. But they didn't and I'm okay with that.

"Netsuai hakkaku chyuu" is your typical Yasutaka Nakata jam with a twist her and there. He didn't even try to build the song around Sheena's style, but apparently this is exactly what she asked for. I love it when veteran hoes hook up with hot younger talent and pretty much give them free reign. It shows great confidence. Sheena Ringo really has fuck all to prove at this point, so if she wants to be sounding like Meg on a track, she can if she wants to.

It's kinda hard to argue against this song when the video to it features Sheena's showing off some cleavage, looking tasty in a short leather skirt and 7 inch heels. Sheena is playing around with her style and her sound for fun and I love it. She's schooling bitches for fun. Ayu is at home wishing she could pull this shit off. The last time she tried to do leather sexy with humour we got "Startin'", which was about as sexy as watching my Gram-Grams shake her chest to Q-Tip's "Breath and stop" in her nightie without her bra on.

THIS song right here is whimsical music box with sub heavy dance done RIGHT. Not that "Sweet refrain" shit Nakata went and gave Perfume.


  1. She totally sinde-blinded me with this collab, but I am in love with this video. I was wondering what she would do Tokyo Jihen split up and now I know :v Also, this. was a nice surprise from Ringo-san as well.

  2. I like this... I like this a lot :3 Y'all can roast my ignorant ass alive for not knowing who this chick is (in my defense, I'm not that big a J-Pop fan), but I know who I'm cyberstalking on Youtube tonight :3

  3. Thank you for sharing this gem of a song! Sheena has been one of my original Japanese divas, and I really haven't heard anything from her since she was last in Tokyo Jihen, and even then I only have one of their albums. I do like this heavy bass music box pop rock thing that this song has going on, and I was won over by the video when I saw Sheena slaying and serving minions like she was the love child of Bruce Lee and Anna Williams from Tekken. I am a sucker for female fight scenes.

    This video aside, I am hoping that this is the beginning of a new era from Sheena. I really need more Japanese artists stepping up the plate to combat this K-Pop dominion that is ruling the world now.

  4. If this is Japan's answer to K-Pop, then my body is *so* ready for it!!


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