Single arts: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yume no hajima-ring ring

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Kyary Pussy Pamyu's new single cover for "Yume no hajima-ring ring" features a bunch of her fans all wearing wigs she snatched over the past 9 months. Pusha P don't play.

Japanese acts put more effort into their single covers than Western acts put into...anything. And Pamyu Pamyu has been delivering with the creativity of her single covers since she was sat on the floor in a teddy bear dress for "PONPONPON". As always, Pussy Pam's single cover oozes character, colour, makes you wonder what the fuck she is on this day of the week and features yet another painstakingly bespoke font. Team Pamyu mean business. As always.

The clip of "Yume no hajima-ring ring" which feature in the Chintai commercial did nothing for me. But if the song features a cool video and Nakata throws in a drastic beat switch, I could be won over. But I really am here for Naka-Pam to hit me with filth of "Fashion monster", "Ninjya re bang bang" and "Invader Invader" proportions.


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