Crystal Kay Instagrams a snippet of "Busy doing nothing"

We have confirmation. "Busy doing nothing" isn't a biographical song about what Crystal Kay has been up to since the release of "Delicious na kinyoubi". It is actually a man hating / deadbeat call out pop banger, which sounds like it will be working a similar rock tinged pop angle as Crystal's previous flops-which-shoulda-been-smash-hits "My heartbeat" and "Namida no saki ni".

Check out a preview of the song below. Complete with cute side to side boat deck swaying of the iPhone.

The post millennial Janet Jackson force is strong with this one. Between CK giving Janet face in the photo, the song sounding a little like the Damita Jo flop "Just a little while" and the career struggle.

The video to "Busy doing nothing" will premiere in full on Valentine's day. This is fitting for me, because come February 14th I will be busy doing nothing but playing Lightning returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I said I wouldn't buy that game given how much fun I didn't have playing XIII and XIII-2. But I know I will. That is my life right now.

I've got my fingers crossed for CK that this song will crossover and surface some-what as an Internet / viral sensation. Because not only does home girl need it to, but because her promo has consisted of nothing but Crystal tweeting about it; trying to get #BUSYDOINGNOTHING poppin' as a Twitter trend. Universal aren't even trying to support this girl.


  1. With no major label behind it the chances of breaking in the U.S. are zero. But the girl is one of the most talented among her peers. And yes. VIVID is still the best pop album of the 2010s.

  2. "VIVID is still the best pop album of the 2010s"

    YES! *does the Church hustle up and down the aisle*

  3. I am still slayed by VIVD and are quite sure that some of those songs could *still* cross over into the US market if they had the right push

  4. Hmm... Joshie like :3 This girl better be giving us some upgraded VIVID swag on this track, because VIVID was everything

  5. Every single song on 'Vivid' had cross over potential. Even "Memory box". Throw that shit in a rom-com and home girl is catching digital download sales. The same goes for "My heartbeat". That song had Summer smash written all over it, but Universal left it to die in a corner.

  6. I hope she can get something out of this!! by the way I have a twitter and a Forum dedicated to her if you interested.

  7. I was so pissed about My Heartbeat; Universal did that song so dirty. I might have come into the Kuri-chan fandom real late, but all these niggas happy that Crystal left Epic Records need to have a seat; just because she's doing more doesn't mean that Delicious Deli actually cares. They probably give the "privilege" of managing herself (protip to non-musicians - managing yourself can be the biggest headache in the world).

  8. I still think that Crystal leaving Epic was the best thing she could have done at the time. They weren't supporting her for shit. They seemed to have a hold on the reigns of her sound and they pretty much gave up on her after 'All yours'. 'Spin the music' was the nail in her coffin.

    Also, artists signed to Epic in Japan don't get their music distributed through iTunes, which is a massive drawback for an artist. Especially one who is trying to catch some global exposure and is releasing songs which could get them that (i.e "It's a crime")

    Despite Universal not giving the girl promo, she's at least been able to do other things, branch out and have an online social presence, something which seemed to be heavily gate-kept the whole time she was at Epic / Sony.

    Then there's her music, which has switched gears completely. Her sound is more varied, she sounds more confident vocally and she's writing near enough all of her own material now - which leads me to believe that Sony were affecting her musical output too.

    The problem with Crystal flopping is bigger than who she's signed to. But weighing up Epic and Universal, I think she's better off at Universal. Just look at MiChi. That girl is getting shafted hard at Epic right now.

  9. Video is release on mtviggy she going to need a major label push or an amazing street team


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