Music video: Clean Bandit - Rather be

Clean Bandit scored their first ever number 1 single in the UK with "Rather be", and it's well deserved. Great song and video. It's nice to have a song top the charts which isn't a David Guetta piece of shit or some clapped EDM track.

Clean Bandit brought back 90's deep house matched with a set of live instrumentations. I didn't realise how much I'd missed this sound until I heard this song for the first time.

Listening to "Rather be" had me reminisce about Mariah Carey during her "Emotions" era, which was the point at which I really started checking for her. It made me think how cool it would be if Mariah tapped back into that era when her sound was all about the dance chords and she began working with David Morales on her club remixes. She no longer has the chops to hit me with that "Emotions" and "Make it happen" gospel vocal realness, but it would be a welcomed revision to her sound. She butchered "Auld Lang Syne" with house 3 years ago and even tried to rescue her flop comeback single "Triumphant (Flop 'em)" with it, so it's not like she's completely estranged from the sound.

Clean Bandit will release their debut album New eyes on May 12th via Atlantic records. If you like the sound of "Rather be", be sure to check out their previous single "Dust clears" which is equally great and has a stunning video to match.