Music video: FAKY - The one

FAKY's third digital single "The one" features as the theme song to Kadokawa studios' horror film Bilocation which stars Asami Mizukawa (dem lips) in the lead role of some woman going crazy because she has some doppelgänger fraudulently cashing cheques and running coupon scams in supermarkets, for which she is being blamed for. Nobody believes her. She spirals into a cycle of depression and craziness. Doesn't know who to trust. Can't tell what's real or fake. Wonders if she is the doppelgänger or not. We can all guess how this film will play out. Classing this film as 'horror' is a slight stretch. Watching it play out with a Stargate-esque beat over it didn't really help the scare factor. But, whatever.

"The one" is pretty generic, but it's the type of single I think these girls needed at this point. "Better without you" and "Girl digger" tried too hard to do too much. I don't think Avex really knows which lane to put these girls, which is why I think "The one" was a safe single to go with. It's familiar and basic, but it's sound is succinct. The vocal production could have been tighter, but it at least shows promise for vocal talent within the group.

There's nothing to help a song like a J-drama / J-film tie in. But their lack of inclusion in the video was a mess. Was it really too much to have the girls up against walls and sat at tables looking distressed and as though they are giving "Vision of love" Mariah vocals in the reflections of the mirrors and shit!?

FAKY will be releasing their debut mini album on April 9th, which will be available to download worldwide. I have no expectations.


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