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We all thought that Sunmi was crazy for leaving the Wonder girls at the ascent of their career, but only in hindsight do we realize that she made the best decision. Not only did she get herself an edumacation, but she avoided sinking into the cesspit that become the Wonder girls. After a failure to properly debut in the US, countless re-releases of "Nobody" followed by 2 major singles which sounded like remixes of "Nobody", JYP not having a clue what to actually do with the girls and then Sunye (the leader of the damn group) going off to get married and have a child - dem nails were in the Wonder girls' coffin. Sohee (the 2nd most talentless member of the group second to Lim) deciding to leave to pursue a phantom career in acting was the e-mail to the headstone engravers for the final message on the tombstone.

Now with the Wonder girls' coffin floating in limbo, Sunmi has emerged  as a solo artist and is taking K-Pop by storm and has the Wonder girls' fans supporting her all the way, along with a new bevy of fans who probably don't even know she was once part of the group - which might be for the best. That's baggage a girl don't need right now.

Sunmi's "Full moon" is pretty much cut from the same cloth as her debut "24 hours". A dark seductive song which sees her squatting down on wooden floors and opening her legs wearing very little and no shoes. It's all more Brown eyed girls than Wonder girls ever was and its working in her favour. The Tim Burton-esque video for "Full moon" makes little sense to me, but I like the song. Plus, Sunmi does this...

Sunmi - Full moon | Random J Pop

Which member of the Wonder girls could ever!?

Ga-In best watch her wig.


  1. I wasn't crazy about the song, either, but that video… budget or not, those effects were crazy, and her moves were even crazier… you know, for a WG used-to-be!

  2. Yeah, the song's pretty forgettable, (Very fitting, since it's a Bravesound production) but the video makes up for that and then some. Everything about the video (especially the choreography) is on point!

  3. The song is garbage. Brave Sound needs to stop fucking TALKING. He/they remind me of how Diddy used to always talk his way through songs and it kills me. Lena also sounds like a more annoying version of Yubin. Ironically, Sunmi's song with Yubin on the album is x10 better. I am still here for Sunmi though and I'm looking forward to her lives.

  4. I need a Yubin solo album in my life.

  5. The only redeeming factor that saves this title track is the MV. That choreography was beyond on-point and was the highlight.

    "24-Hours" is still by far her best release and it trumps all of the other songs on her new mini album in my opinion.


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