A preview of Perfume's new song "Hold your hand", which sounds a lot like "Sweet refrain"

Perfume's producer Yasutaka Nakata must be bored stiff and be running low on f**ks to give, because what he's phoned in for Perfume's new single "Hold your hand" is so lazy that its lying horizontally, eyes fully rolled back...and it still manages to shit on your faves' latest single and trample over relegated chicks in the lower 100.

Perfume's 20th major release single "Hold your hand" sounds identical to their previous single "Sweet refrain" to the point where the lyrics are almost interchangeable. I don't know what Nakata is playing at. He Crtl + C’d from Perfume’s "Furikaeru to iru yo" for Kyary Pussy Pamyu’s "Yume no hajima ring ring" B-side "SloMo". And now he's just taken "Sweet refrain", removed the wub-wub, flung in 2 key changes and has passed this off as Perfume's brand new single as though we hadn't heard all this shit before 3 months ago. THE SHEER LAZINESS!

The likeness in sound between Perfume's newest and most recent isn't the only reoccurring theme with this song. "Hold your hand" is the theme to NHK's Spring drama Silent poor, which stars Kyoko Fukuda, who also starred in Sengyou shufu tantei: Watashi wa shadow - the show in which JPN's "Spice" was the main theme for and was also Perfume's first song to be tied to a TV drama.

"Hold your hand" doesn't sound bad. I like the key changes in the chorus and I also like how Nakata is working more intricate vocal layers and harmonies into more of Perfume's songs, but the whole thing sounds way too much like "Sweet refrain". Universal can't be putting both this and "Sweet refrain" on Perfume's next studio album. They need to pick one or the other and based on this preview, I'm leaning more towards "Hold your hand", as the 80's vibe works pretty nicely. It's a shame about the vocals though, as they really do grate on the chorus.

I may like the song more when Perfume start performing it. "Sweet refrain" grew on me in a big way once the girls started hitting up shows and slapped the whole of Japan with that choreography and Nocchi in a pair of full length trousers. But it still won't take away the fact this song is pretty much "Sweet refrain" (Part 2). If I get Nocchi with bangs in the music video, Kashiyuka setting the forehead free and A-chan in a shorter skirt, then I might be swayed. Might. Possibly. Definitely. Importing this single.


  1. Chris Redfield8 April 2014 at 12:05

    They are in their 26's. I would like a perfume song where the vocals will be completely "digitized" like game era, or something more natural and mature (like a part of disney performace)
    those vocals are caught in between making them sound like kittens.
    of course i will learn all the lyrics by heart and listen to this all day, but every once in a while they could go all acoustic on me.

  2. This sounds awful. How did Rihanna'a skin get so light?

  3. I just can't get with this chick. She gets paid for this stuff?

  4. PREACH! AS you said Perfume is made up of grown ass women, so is it too much to ask for more sexed up songs. I need another Take Me, Take Me or Kiss and Music from perfume. I came across this performance the other day and was slayed. More of this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcfPPY_4GrI

  5. Chris Redfield9 April 2014 at 21:33


    a fuller preview! in love already!

  6. I hope is not release to radio in the us all I ever heard was the party song and as for Jessie j she did a song where I was reminded of Katy perry right

  7. This song sounds killer. No pun intended. I can't wait for it. and yes I do worry about her being overworked., I think she pretty much does what she is told. and the people who do the telling make alot of money by telling. She said her management agency just comes out and says "We are doing a world tour next fall", or whatever. Before that she has no clue. John Lennon said "I dIdn't want to become Elvis Beatle". I worry about her becoming Kyary Beatle. She always says "I'll do my best" But I think she's OK right now.

  8. This person -- Random Super J -- is one of the most creative, funniest writers on the internet right now, so that's a lot of people. I've read reviews of his just for the writing.

    But yeah, even as a Perfume fan, this single is no good. Just take a break and wait for inspiration to strike. Fans are happier with less frequent, excellent work than stuff that was just done to meet some perceived production requirement.


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