Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a "Kira kira killer"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japan's busiest J-Pop star without a f**king doubt has only gone and shot yet another commercial featuring yet another new song. Where she found the time to this in the midst of a world tour, shooting trillions of other commercials and recording new material, I have no clue. This girl must either be dying inside from fatigue and exhaustion, or she has Hermione Granger's time turner.

Pusha P was made the face of Japanese cellular network au in 2013 when she debuted her song "Ninja re bang bang" via a commercial of theirs and and this year she does the same with "Kira kira killer".

If you were to present Pussy Pamyu with a seat, she would do everything but take it. This girl's grind is ridiculous. I'm on full stand by to hear the news of her impending breakdown. Only 2 weeks ago news hit that Pussy Pam would be releasing a new single for a Crayon Shin-Chan movie and now a TV commercial is being broadcast all over Japan featuring yet another new song which is not featured as neither a second A-side or a B-side on her next single "Family party".

"Kira Kira killer" sounds like a really watered down version of "Invader invader" which is quite why I like it. The snippet is pretty pedestrian as Pamyu Pamyu songs go, but many of us should know by now to take Yasutaka productions in snippet form with a pinch of salt; as anything the sound of the song could shift dramatically either side of the 30 seconds we hear in the preview.


  1. I'm hoping if she ever drops another album it will be decent as madamoworld.

  2. Still new to this girl, when did this one get famous?


    If Yulia is serving face like she is in this pic, then I am *all* for her hitting up H&M. And if it leads to another album, I also won't be mad at that neither. Hopefully it's better than Whatever Harajuku, but at this point, that won't be too hard XD

  4. Btw saw this bitch on display when I went to h&m today.


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