Music video: Florrie - Free falling

Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper and the rest of the Xenomania gang are back to their old tricks again for Bristol born Florrie's new song "Free falling". Catchy pop songs with a lyric structure which strays from the conventional and a set of lyrics which don't make a whole lot of sense.

Xenomania have been quiet on the scene ever since the disbandment of their vessels, muses and cash cows Girls aloud - whose music progressively got worse with each album, unravelling the Xenomania formula to the point where every song was sounding tired and samey. Even some of Florrie's material sounds like Girls aloud fodder, but at least it sounds more like the good stuff during their golden era circa What will the neighbours say? and less like the crap from Tangled up.

Florre's 3 track EP Sirens is released on April 27th. Florrie has released nothing but EP's for 4 years straight to the point where I don't even wonder if a full length album will come from her - which begs the question, do I even care if she puts one out or not? I like Florrie, but in short small doses. I also feel the same about Xenomania's output. A song here and a song there on an album, great. Have them produce an entire set and the whole thing sounds the same and the Xenomania formula unravels 3 tracks in.


  1. Who knows when I'll ever get to Yurp, but I'll take Rome into consideration! :) Maybe I'll start singing some Tiziano Ferro while I'm there and piss a few people off with my horrid pronunciation. LOL

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Rome! I'd like to go there myself.

  3. Glad you had a good time! My Aunty went there like a month ago and loved it. I've always wanted to go to Venice haha and yeah I am a history / Architecture geek 😂

  4. I know you've been to Japan a couple times but Rome too? Damn J, I wish I could travel as much as you .. lol

  5. Welcome back been to Rome it really is a beautiful city


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