Two shots of Namie Amuro looking miserable for money; for it LOVE magazine and UNTITLED

Queen Namiserable I aka Namie Amuro refuses to hit up TV stations or do any serious promo for her shit, because her face doesn't stay out of fashion / girly magazines for more than 2 months at a time. And if you can't find her staring dead into your soul through the pages of Jelly and S Cawaii, then chances are you will see a giant poster of her hanging in a clothing store or a lipstick counter at your local pharmacy. Nobody can shy from the gaze of Queen Namiserable. NOBODY. She runs Tokyo in di spotlight. Ya'll saw that "Alive" music video.

Fashion and lifestyle magazine it LOVE has undergone a re-launch. So who better to entice new subscribers and readers than that of the miserable faced Namie Amuro?! She looks dead. She looks fed up. She looks amazing.

Namie Amuro for it LOVE magazine and UNTITLED | Random J Pop

Namie is still the face of the Japanese clothing brand UNTITLED. With their new Spring range hitting stores, a new bunch of campaign images have touched down, with a promotional video set to follow. Her shots for Untitled's Spring 2014 collection aren't as hot as those she shot last year for their Winter collection, but Namie still looks 10 years younger than your fave despite being 15 years older. And most importantly, she is getting paid to stand in front of a white backdrop and act like she gives a f**k.

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  1. Ohy god what is her body doing? Stawhp.

  2. I loved Nocchi's Resting Betch Face during the 2nd half on that side stage. When she fist bumped her chest.....gangsta.

  3. Oh my god, if I hear one more person tell me how young this woman looks.

    With all the makeup artists, photoshopping, airbrushing, money at her disposal, you think she won't.

    It's like looking at the Nefertiti Bust and going DAAAAAANG BETCH LOOKS GOOD. was made that way.

    Get it together.

  4. found another video of this!:)

  5. He's right about A-chan's outfit though

  6. HELL YES, I FXXK TO THIS S#!T! Great find, ?J!
    Tell me he has more… I wanna find more!

  7. She kind of reminds me of a blonde Ariana Grande who is trapped in the '90s...

  8. Flawless.

    Except A-Chan looked like she was protecting her vagina from Aliens in that aluminum foil dress. Don't she know nobody want it anyway?

  9. speak for yourself! eveybody likes cheerful vagies:P

  10. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  11. starlightshimmers22 April 2014 at 02:03

    Most Asians don't look "old" until they hit 50.

    Source: Me (Asian) and my family, relatives.

  12. At this point she doesn't need to go the photo shoot. They can just copy and paste her face in whatever position they please.

  13. Another random off topic comment by a stranger, but I just wanted to say:
    You know what would be awesome? if you covered C-pop/mando-pop more often. I'm really getting into it and like it cause it's less commercial and more open to different genres (i.e. traditional Chinese music, rock, R&B, anything other than techno/dupstep and pop) than J-pop and K-pop (ugh, I sound like a hipster now). Like with any genre, there are some good and bad artists and ones who are basically industry created idols. But there are some AMAZING bankable ones like a Hong Kong artist I just discovered named Khalil Fong. Here's one of his songs: It's a shame that he might be never if not rarely be known outside of Chinese-speaking places whilst catchy and annoying songs by artists a la Psy get international fame.

  14. whatever is what she uses, she still prettier than you, with the double of all photoshop and money in the world. stop with your jealous.


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