Music video: The brilliant green - A little world

The brilliant green are set to release a compilation album The swingin' sixties on July 23rd, which features re-recorded versions of some of their songs and the new track "A little world", for which they shot a video. A really, really shit video.

"A little world" features your average Tommy february6 video, with her parading around on furniture surrounded by crap and looking cute. A home video of her actually wandering around London and taking in the city would have made for a much nicer and thematically relevant video. A parodied re-enactment of The Beatles' A hard days night featuring all of the members of The brilliant green would have been contextually great. Given the UK theme of the song and the name of the album, I think it's a shame this wasn't extended to the music video in a greater context. I like the song though. Tommy's English is as endearing as ever.

Maybe one day she'll do a gig in London and give me my life with a live performance of "Lonely in gorgeous". One can hope.


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