Music video: Kavka Shishido - Dame kashira?

Kavka Shishido is back with a brand new single which is easy, it's breezy and perfect for the Summer. She's even shed her Morticia Addams wardrobe for a coloured dress and some fly heels. AND SHE BE TRYING TO DANCE TOO!

The general vibe of the song and video is similar to that of "Love corrida" in that Kavka is looking fly, is having fun and is doing this all to a song with a chorus which wouldn't quit even if the wheels fell off. In a nutshell, Kavka is snatching MiChi's hair from its roots and giving me everything that she has failed to give me over the past 2 years.

If you've yet to check out Kavka's debut album Kavkanize, be sure to do so. Kavka pretty much came along and swept MiChi's Eyes wide open under a sofa bed with it.


  1. You just vomit words.

  2. No sir/madam; On the contrary I actually put some thought and style parlance similar 2 our classic blog host J. Having nothing to say, nothing of importance or claptrap insults doesn't make you insightful or funny brw. It just means disproportionate space to be filled between the ears.

  3. Terrible video editing. Just terrible.

  4. I love her! Her debut album was amazing, and she hasn't disappointed me yet!

  5. So taunts the resident and otherwise useless troll who is little more than than the darker, less successful version of Perez Hilton...

  6. So says the presumably human troll with no avatar, comment history or discernible insight on much of anything. Please check 2 make sure brain is still attached spine and other vital body parts...


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