Perfume serve Chun-Li lightning kick realness in their "Cling cling" video preview

I haven't tried to get into "Cling cling" as I had already resided with myself that there was no chance of me liking the song any more without seeing the video or a live performance. The song on its own does very little for me. Even with the full length version making its way online, I can't get into it. The only section of it I can get into is when Perfume's vocal get chopped to f**k and are vocoded beyond recognition because it's the only point where "Cling cling" legitimately sounds like a Perfume song and not Perfume doing karaoke of a remix of Pamyu Pamyu's "Ninja re bang bang". So the short version of the music video arrived just in time.

The song is dividing the Prfm fandom right down the middle, but the video and the routine could be the one thing which everybody can agree on are decent and up to par with Perfume standards. The girls are looking great and the routine looks like it's going to be a hot one. It features a Chun-Li lightning kick for f**ks sake. How can you not love that shit!?

Perfume - Cling cling | GIF by Random J

Perfume know that between this and "Display", that girls are about to be sent home in broad daylight with their edges completely gone.


  1. I knew that drop was going to save me from disliking this song entirely… but even then, "DISPLAY" still owns my heart. I will dislike Yasu for a while if that song doesn't make the official track list… :(

  2. When are u gonna post about Namiserable the 1st's epic "BALLADA" sales for the last month? The slayage and wig snatching this woman has been perpetuating is leaving Ayu and Koda thirsting for the lifeblood of relevance and despite their impressive performing, PERFUME will likely have those wonder stage weaves scalped for the Oricon Yearly Ranks as well. I'm wondering did u snag/order/bootleg a copy of it yet? All the Namie stans elsewhere tell me the new pics and collected vids alone are well worth the price even where some of the songs themselves fall flat...

  3. U need 2 post reviews for all her albums up through "Rainbow"; all those first five were pretty fab, even where her vocals were subpar and the traclisting went on too long, she at least sounded alive and vested in this recording artist gig. Everything that followed is a shadow of her former prolific omnipotence...

  4. Ain't nobody got time for this knockoff Japanese Beyonce & Christina Aguilera-esque ratchet nonsense! Koda hasn't released a damn album or single worth dimestore candy (much like Ayu) since her "BLACK CHERRY" era with an occassional well delivered song, video or dance performance 2 save relevance and remind real music fans of her former public glory. Ayu's golden time just lasted longer but with worse vocals...

    Despite her amazing looks and dress get-up, I'm sure all three tracks will be flat out terrible or only serve to remind us of a superior if not derivative triple A side or 1 A with two coupling/B-side songs songle from earlier in the Kehovah discography. Only Utada can deliver the same song or single release twice (Hayatochiri, Distance & Beautiful World) and make that s*** a thousand times better than when it u heard it the first incredible time, which is why so many of us stan for her.

    After that Carnival electric chart shutdown/Titanic flop of "Bon Voyage", I suppose anything she does will be an improvement. But I remain a Koda agnostic from here until proven otherwise!

  5. Full Music Video

  6. ?J, you have to watch the full vid! Kashiyuka with the cat is gif-worthy!!!

  7. Beautiful video but I'm not digging the similarity between Kashiyuka and A-chan. You have to squint at their faces sometimes because the bangs make it hard to tell...A-chan's gorgeous eyes are completely ruined by those blunt, eyebrow-covering bangs (this is not to say K doesn't have pretty eyes, the bangs just suit her face way better). I was waiting for Nocchi to wolf down her noodles but clearly she intends to let them dry up on her lap. The video sort of makes up for the song, which will probably eventually grow from hate to love as did Spending All...for fans.

  8. Chris Redfield3 July 2014 at 18:46

    she did get teh worst haircut this time tho :/

  9. I kind of loved it.

  10. This picture is so meme worthy. This shot was purposely left in as a warning to Pussy Pamyu and AKB FortyAint Relevant. Nocchi is playing no games, she wants your wig, and you will hand it over no questions asked and without a fight. You will relinquish it with just that one glance, or she will violate you with those chopsticks.

  11. I was very pissed off by this album. Ayu is a wonderful, talented, beautiful human being, and she has such a unique voice and such awesome things to say. This album just didn't feel like hers, though. It felt like the runoff of popular Western pop siphoned through highly unoriginal producers. There were definitely some songs that I enjoyed, and it's a better album than the largely insipid "Party Queen," but it's just not up to her normal standards.

    Strongly disagreed on "Love Songs," by the way. That's one of my favorite Ayu albums, hands-down. On the same level as "My Story" and "A Song for XX," in my book.

  12. I
    don’t know that much about Ayumi’s music since I only like ‘SPARKLE’ and
    ‘BRILLANTE’. It’s the first time for me listening to a full Ayu album. ‘Feel
    the love’ and ‘Merry-go-round’ kinda grew on me after playing them a lot, they
    sound ok. ‘Hello new me’ and ‘Pray’ sound nice. I like ‘XOXO’, ‘Lelio’, ‘What
    is forever love’ and ‘NOW & 4EVA’ besides the guitar.

  13. She
    should’ve made ‘TURN AROUND’ or ‘Money In My Bag’ as a single and delete ‘HOTEL’.
    Kuu looks good on the CD+DVD cover.

  14. It's funny how preferences change according to people (phew!~~ haha), after listening to the album, I rushed here to read your review (and have some fun---you never fail to amuse me! LOL), I absolutely agree with you about XOXO (and Lelio, and Feel the love (OMG! I'm ashamed of that MV till the present day, awful! =__=).
    But I loved Angel so much! (well, that I wanna be angel was...hard to deal, wasn't there anyone with a little english grammar ok to see that? but ok, ok), I think her voice went nice and powerful, in her own way, it's my absolute favorite from the album.
    Terminal also turned out very interesting for me, I adore that somewhat ethereal "feeling" the song delivers, but I think it would go better without aaaall that "tuntztuntz" in the beginning.

    Yeah, the art is beautiful, simple yet classy. I'm SO HAPPY she withdrew with the botox on her lips, she's beautiful as she is.

  15. japanes singers generally has the same voice and their style so cammon viaje estambul


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