Music video: Janelle Monáe - Electric lady

Janelle Monáe has released a music video for her album title track "Electric lady", in a move which is very unexpected, but very much welcomed. If there was an album which deserved to get the Beyoncé treatment in the way of music videos, it's The electric lady. I would have loved to have seen music videos for "We were rock & roll" and "Look into my eyes" and "Dorothy Dandridge eyes".

Janelle hasn't done a great deal to push The electric lady album itself, but has instead been busy venturing into collaborations, partnerships and deals. Over the past 6 months we've seen Janelle (Miss Monáe if ya nasty) lend her talents to Audi, Pepsi and also make an appearance on Sesame Street. So it's nice to see she's not forgotten about her album and that even this late in the albums cycle (at a time when I thought it was dead) she is still pushing it. Even if it is by way of Samsung. Yes Janelle, we peeped that S5 and that Gear watch.

Every visual from The electric lady thus far has seen Janelle sport new styles we've not seen her sport before; shedding her tuxedos and suits, but still keeping her signature colour palette of black and white. It's great to see, because on each occasion it feels like we're getting something completely new. Despite fending off comments from those saying that she never wears dresses and looks like 'a normal woman' (whatever that is) Janelle looks just as comfortable in skinny jeans, heels and a midriff baring top with her hair out, as she does in a suit and a pompadour. Not to mention that Janelle is stunning. I love me some Lupita Nyong'o. But Janelle needs to be getting put on some fashion magazine covers.