Music video: The Ting Tings - Do it again

The Ting Tings will be making their comeback this month with their third studio album Super critical which is being preceded by the single "Do it again".

The Ting Tings came out of nowhere in 2008 with their debut album We started nothing which spawned the massive hit singles "Great DJ" and the UK number 1 "That's not my name", which is still partial to making appearances in TV shows and commercials to this day. Things went a bit wonky for the group with their second studio album Sounds from Nowheresville, which was plagued by push-backs, internal label conflicts and the group seeming to not really care a great deal about their music. Based on this I began to wonder if there would even be a third album from The Ting Tings, but here we are. A third album due for release and two singles deep.

"Do it again" follows on from the retro disco vibes of their July release "Wrong club" which sounded like something plucked straight ofr of Daft Punk's Random access memories in the best possible way. "Do it again" reminds me a lot of "We walk" which is one of my favourite songs from The Ting Tings debut album.

The Ting Tings third studio album Super critical is released on October 27th and you can listen to a sampler of it on via their official Soundcloud page.


  1. This lady is amazing she should really go back on tour with Bruno Mars cause it so hard to see her on stage and I like watching her live and big stadiums. At least with Bruno she goes to more cities


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