Music video: Yelle - Complètement fou

France just came through out of nowhere like Carmen Sandiego and left members of the pop listening public with their edges in tatters.

French pop trio Yelle (named after the leading lady in the songs and videos) dropped their new single "Complètement fou" and gave everybody Katy Perry "This is how we do", with a bit of Daft Punk, Michel Gondry, Paris is burning and a bit of Perfume.

I love every single thing about this song and video. Yelle gave more with this than Gaga and Katy both gave combined with their singles and videos from Artpop and Prism. If either of those ladies want to hit me with some delivery addresses, I will order them both a tub of edge control from Amazon as a goodwill gesture.

Yelle's third studio album Complètement fou is produced by Dr. Luke who has been hanging around on the pop charts for years like a growth, ripping off other people's songs, recycling his own shit and inflicting the public with the likes of Ke$ha and some under-age no talent having trick named Becky G. But I will give it to him for his involvement with this song right here. But enough about Dr. Luke. Let's get into Yelle serving all kinds of fabulous and whimsy in this music video.


  1. Ramiro Santos Rivera8 October 2014 at 05:50

    The lyrics video is far more "trippy" and psychedelic IMHO

  2. I love the dancing mygod

  3. It's missing something in the chorus to make it pop. It doesn't have a hook.

    I still like it though.

  4. Oh my god the video is amazing


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