Music video: Ariana Grande featuring The Weeknd - Love me harder

"Love me harder" is one of my stand outs from Ariana's My everything, so I'm glad it's being released as a single. Especially after "Problem" and "Break free", which despite being hits and doing what they needed to, were pretty throwaway songs and didn't show much of an evolution from Ariana's debut Truly yours.

Whilst "Love me harder" is a good song, there is a complete disconnect between the acts and the subject matter of the song. Neither Ariana nor The Weeknd sell the theme of the song on the song itself or in the video. The concept of the video is great, but the set and the visuals conveyed the sensuality of the song in a way that made Ariana and The Weekdn feel completely redundant, because nothing they did added to the video or the sensuality of the song.

When I think of an example of good, tangible sexual chemistry on song and on screen I think Maroon 5 and Rihanna's "If I never see your face again". Comparing Ariana and The Weekend to acts such as Rihanna and Adam Levine who just ooze and exude sex without trying may be an unfair comparison. But it can make such a difference to the end result, and the end result here are cases of great concepts executed badly by the wrong people. The song would have worked better had it been a solo effort on Ariana's part. Ariana can't sell sex for shit, but it would have been a lot more passable if there wasn't such a obvious divide between her and her guest artist.


  1. Once again Vision Factory decided not to give Namie a real budget for this video either. They didn't even bother to properly promote her new single just to spite her.

    Namie needs to sort out her issues with her management by the end of the year or just high tail it and leave. This is ridiculous. She needs new management that will comply with her demands and give her a better budget.

    The song is still my jam though. :D

  2. At least she got rid of that tired ass high pony...

  3. I'm over her. He showed promise, and now I'm convinced she's a lost cause. This song and video just showcases how one dimensional both her and the weekend are, not only musically but also visually. I

  4. I'm waiting on that Jessie Ware album review! Also, did you hear that A tribute album is being made for Utada? Ayumi hamasaki will be featured on it. Looks like the bish got tired of butchering her own legacy, so she's reaching for utada's now. Also, crystal'a performing an intimate gig in New York (finally) both shows are sold out, and I have tickets, but I don't think I'll be able to go now :/

  5. Wha-? You best make it happen and hit up that gig. How can you be missing Perfume AND Crystal Kay within weeks?! *throws an e-slap through the Internet*

  6. These outfits are a hell no...

  7. The mv reminds me of Kuu's 'NEVER GIVE IT UP', I dislike both songs as much as their mv's.

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