Music video: Namie Amuro - Brighter day

I was not keen on "Brighter day" at first, but it's grown on me since. It's a nice song with a punchy chorus and rich production. You can hear why it would be commissioned for use in a Japanese TV drama and why it would be released as a single. "Love story" was a chart success for Namie, Ballada is still pushing units on the charts and some fans were growing a little tired of Namie's uptempo's and her decision to go electro - so this single is a safe choice which covers all bases. It's not such an amazing song that it will garner her new fans or have her current ones go head over heels, but it's a good enough song choice that it won't piss off fans or have them worry about what direction her next album will go in, which her early singles rarely, if ever indicate anyway.

This music video is basic and looks more like a clothing commercial than anything else. But Namie looks nice and at least her outfits didn't consist of something her stylist pulled out from her Queen of hip pop tour, as per her "Sweet kisses" video. I don't get the whole deal with Namie summoning streaks of piss with her finger, but she's the fliest looking water sports queen I've seen.