Random J edit: Perfume - M3GAMIX | a LEVEL3 megamix (by Random J)

Random J edit: Perfume (パフューム) - LEVEL3 Megamix (by Random J) | Random J Pop

Perfume's LEVEL3 album is a party. But only if you re-arrange the track order. The track order was something I knocked the album for in my review, because it took a good selection of songs and ordered them in such a way that it not only affected the flow of the album, but weakened the impact of certain songs which would have come off much better if they sat elsewhere on the album.

To remedy this I did a megamix, which highlights some of the bangers on the album and sits them back-to-back. Now, this megamix doesn't feature all of the booty poppers from LEVEL3, but it features the album defining ones, along with one which doesn't feature on the album at all.


I originally did this a while back, but have since updated it with different mixes of songs, cutting it down considerably (the original was almost half an hour) and adding another song.

I can be your party maker, if you let me. I hope you like.

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